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Leading Interior Designer in the Greater Atlanta Area

We are a family owned and operated company providing efficient and effective interior renovation services from one family to another. H&A's staff have many years working directly to perfect the practice in interior design. H&A provides construction services to the Multi-Family Housing, along with Commercial industries. 

After working in the renovation industry, we have acknowledged the best practices to provide the best results for customers. Our success and efficiency is directly related to our ability to self-perform. When we implement the renovating service with the adequate business systems, H&A will be effective and efficient while providing clients an atmosphere that is one like a family.

At H&A Construction and Services LLC, we give each project the personalized attention it deserves. By the time the project is complete it will be left with a personalized footprint to suit your genuine taste and we make it our business to stay within your budget in order to make it happen.

Reface Cabinets

Elegant and Modern

Refacing Cabinets will improve the look of your kitchen to new heights without the purchase of new cabinets. We will simply interchange the doors, handgrips, and knobs; then effectively modernize the rest of the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Countertop Installation

Time to Relax

Need your countertops replaced? Our professionals are experts in replacing the coutertops throughout your home. 


Multi-family Turnover Services

Effective and Efficient

For years the professionals at H&A have been replenishing and fixing multi-family residential locations throughout the greater Atlanta area. Services we provide vary from changing appliances in each unit to demoing. The occupational role of each crew is to provide the best service possible. All of the replaced fixtures and unit reconfigurations will be selected by the investors of the property.

Apartment Building

Transforming Your Space One Design at a Time


We offer a unique and innovative approach to completing work for our clients. From the first thought of the idea to the physical installation. Contact us today and book a consultation!


Why Us?

The world around us today is seeing a high demand in travel, higher learning, and seeking to get a temporary home rather than to find a permanent home; generally, giving more business to hotels, dorms, and apartment complexes and the more a unit gets used, the faster it will turn for renovations. The efficiency begins with the front and planning process and translates through the completion of the project keeping all the work scheduled and on budget. The unique business model and experience has innovated a very effective process that provides the least disruption possible, giving us the prestigious reputation that so graciously proceeds us.

Our Mission

H&A Construction and Services are dedicated to providing easy fit solutions for our investors’ design needs with an upmost presidential experience. The focus is to generate partnerships that last a lifetime with honesty, integrity, respect, and trust. These core family values are the foundation for our company and the services we provide, no matter how big or small they may be.


New Solutions, Great Innovations

Here at H&A we team up to accomplish the task at hand and to the satisfaction of the clientele.


“Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” —David Ogden Stiers

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500 Old Bremen rd. Suite 205, Carrollton, Ga. 30117

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