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DuraLuxe Doors

Doors and drawer fronts are superior to vinyl RTF doors. They are better looking because they’re assembled from five pieces, like traditional fine cabinetry. Corners are sharp and crisp. The grain pattern encircles the center panel, with appropriate direction on each piece of door molding. And the back of the door is an exact match to the front.

Door Features

  • Heat Resistant— DuraLuxe doors are impervious to heat up to 212 degrees. They won’t delaminate in transit or in use near an oven or dishwasher

  • Water Resistant—The film used in DuraLuxe doors is permanently 100% waterproof. 

  • Warp Resistant-DuraLuxe doors are perfectly balanced, meaning they have exactly the same material on the front and back.  

  • A full ¾” thick

  • Made in the USA



As a property owner or manager, you want to keep rent and occupancy up, and turnover down. Upgrading kitchen cabinets is an effective way of doing this, but it has always been a complicated, slow and expensive process. H&A changes everything.

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Lower cost. No parts storage. Short lead time. Faster, easier installation. You’ll have durable, stylish cabinets for higher rents and happier tenants, boosting your ROI in a big way.


The surface of these doors is a high-tech super film, manufactured in Europe. It is scratch and abrasion-resistant, stain-resistant, chemical resistant, light-fast and easy to clean. Water beads up and runs off. The material won’t fade or yellow. It’s unaffected by 212° dry heat or steam and contains no plasticizers or formaldehyde. The technical specifications are:

  • Chemical resistance: 1C DIN 68861/1

  • Abrasion resistance: Min 400 turns Tabor abrasor CS 10

  • Water Resistance: Impervious to long term exposure

  • Dry Heat: Unaffected at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100C) DIN 68861/7

  • Wet Heat (Steam) Unaffected at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100C) DIN 68861/8

  • Lightfastness >5 ISO 4892-2 DIN EN 105 B 02

This high-performance film encases very stable core materials. You can feel the quality of the materials in the weight of the doors.


The center panel cores are high-end particleboard. They are CARB phase two II Compliant (California Air Resources Board), so they meet the highest governmental standard for product quality. The board is made from the shavings of a lumber mill that makes structural lumber for home buildings. Because it contains 100% recycled/recovered fibers, it is Eco-Certified by the Composite Panel Association, signifying compliance with the highest industry measure of environmental responsibility. The particleboard also complies with ANSI A208.1-2009 specifications.


Cinch's door moldings are machined from high-quality, very consistent fiberboard, made from southern yellow pine from sustainable managed forests. Like our center panels, they are CARB II compliant and made of 100% pre-consumer reclaimed fibers. These materials meet ANSI 208.2-2016 quality standards.

Performance Testing Protocol

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